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February 6, 2016
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March 11, 2016

Smoilie’s Coconut Oil – Effective Prevention to Little One’s

Few of the most common problems mother’s faced for a newborn baby, as usually babies caught up sick along the way as they step outside the mother’s womb because at this very age they are developing their immune system and growing up.

Few of the things I have share that helps to care well – please go though them below:


  1. Cradle Cap – There are no proven causes of baby’s cradle cap but the result of a cradle cap is known by everyone which can be a fungal infection or an overactive oil gland. There are many effective measures to prevent your baby from cradle cap and 100% extra virgin coconut oil is the only one that shows the tangible results.
  2. Childhood obesity – Childhood obesity crop up when infant’s weight exceeds the suggested extend for his or her height and age. And after measuring, if their weight is 10% elevated than what is regarded as “standard” for their body manner then they are said to be obese.
  3. Diaper Rash – This can be caused from multiple reasons and one of them can be due to long overnights in diapers. To see your baby’s rash back is really a painful thing that most of the parents experience. Giving your baby some air time will be helpful and can help in preventing nappy rashes but sometimes this can be possible at the time of clearing them up. Coconut oil can simply be the best solution for the diaper irritations and good for baby’s delicate skin.


The above stated are the most common small issues that can be easily waved off with little care at home and can eliminate the problems to persist further. Once you choose Smoilie’s coconut oil for your baby then there is nothing to worry about.  Don’t let your child to compromise with these temporary situations that eventually goes away.

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