Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil – A Feasible Stretch Mark Solution
March 11, 2016
Diaper Rash
March 2, 2017

Nappy Rash is inevitable and as a new parent when you notice that your baby’s naturally smooth, cute and modest bottom is now obscured with red aggravated rash definitely leads to a panic situation. It’s really a learning experience but the best thing you will get to know here is that it’s is no need to panic as you can clear your baby’s bottom and makes it free from the distressing nappy rash with the help of 100% virgin Coconut Oil – a best preventive emollient.

First of all you need to understand the basic causes of nappy rash so that you can take preventive measures before it hurt the baby. Some of the most common causes are listed below:-

  1. Infrequent nappy changes
  2. Teething or a cold/virus
  3. Introduction of new foods
  4. A too-stiff nappy
  5. Chafing or rubbing
  6. Preexisting skin conditions (eczema and atopic dermatitis)

After being so much vigilant about your baby’s bottom if you still find this irritated skin on your baby’s bottom the below given some of the simple steps can help you  get over this situation-

  1. Wash your baby’s bottom.
  2. Ensure that the baby’s bum is dry.
  3. Gently apply fingertip amount of smoilie’s extra virgin coconut oil on baby’s bottom.
  4. Secure the nappy on your baby’s bottom.
  5. Repeat this with every nappy change.

Utilizing the above given steps when your little one gets nasty nappy rash will be very beneficial. The above stated steps are the safest one that will give ultimate protection to your baby’s bottom. So shop the supreme coconut oil now at smoilie.com and experience the 100% virgin coconut oil’s ability to protect your baby’s bum.

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