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March 2, 2017
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March 2, 2017

Baby skincare

Every mother wishes that her baby have a sound sleep and remain cheerful throughout the day. Baby sleeps well if he remains in the warmth of her mother. Baby massage plays a significant purpose in this, as it will enable long time warmth for him. A Proper nourishing is necessary to make your baby’s skin healthy and smooth and bones strong.

Choosing right oil for baby massage helps in better growth and development of your baby and extra virgin organic coconut oil is most amazing one to use for this purpose. It is believed to be the best oil as it has antibacterial and antiseptic properties that protect your baby. A good emotional and physical link between you and your baby can be created especially with new born baby massage. There are number of more benefits of giving massage to your baby with coconut oil and are stated below:

  1. Baby Acne: Organic Coconut Oil a natural way to fight baby acne with its powerful nutrients. Apply Organic Coconut Oil onto affected areas of baby acne twice daily until it’s fully gone.
  2. Cradle Cap: Just rub a teaspoon of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil onto scalp daily and comb with a soft brush to remove flakes. It is a magical natural remedy to get rid of cradle cap.
  3. Diaper Rash: Extra Virgin Coconut Oil acts as a barrier and prevents the diaper rashes in babies. It has antifungal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and antimicrobial properties to treat diaper rash and nourishes the irritated skin.
  4. Ear Infections: Organic Coconut Oil has both antimicrobial and anti-viral properties which are best for treating ear infections.
  5. Teething Pain Reliever: Rub Organic Coconut Oil directly onto gums of your baby teething to ease the pain.
  6. Well-being: It benefits to the pre-term infants, infants and toddlers and let them sleep faster and help them to be more alert while awake.
  7. Skin protection: It calms your little one’s skin as it is best for both hot summer and humid climates.

Start giving a healthy massage to your baby with Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil and help your baby to have a healthy skin and happy time.

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