Baby Massage with Coconut Oil

Every mother wishes that her baby have a sound sleep and remain cheerful throughout the day. The baby sleeps well if he remains in the warmth of her mother. Let us give you some idea about the benefits of baby massage and how to apply.

A good emotional and physical link between you and your baby can be created with baby massage.

A Proper nourishing is necessary to make your baby’s skin healthy and smooth and bones strong.

Choosing the right oil for baby massage helps in better growth and development of your baby. It is believed that coconut oil is the best choice as it has antibacterial and antiseptic properties that protect your baby.

To get started, smooth a few drops of a coconut oil into your warm hands and begin massaging the soles of your baby’s feet. Use firm, gentle, slow strokes from the heel towards the toes. Always keep one hand on your baby while massaging for safety reasons.

When you finished with the toes you can move on to the legs. Using a little oil, wrap your hands around one of her thighs and pull down, one hand after the other, squeezing gently, as if you’re “milking” her leg. Switch legs and repeat.

You can move now up and concentrate on the arms. Take one of your baby’s arms in your hands and repeat the milking motion from his armpit all the way to his wrist. Then, take his hand and gently rotate the wrist a few times in each direction. Switch arms and repeat.

After the arms massage the chest. Put your hands together in prayer position over your baby’s heart. Then stroke your hands outward and lightly flatten your palms down over his chest. Repeat several times.

Finish with your baby’s back. Roll your baby onto her tummy. Using your fingertips, trace tiny circles on either side of her spine from the neck down to the buttocks. Finish with some long, firm strokes from your baby’s shoulders all the way to her feet.

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