Cradle cap

In the following article we give you an understanding how to treat cradle cap effectively and get rid of it.

Affected areas:

  • Baby’s scalp
  • Head
  • Eyebrows
  • Behind the ears.

Although it’s not infectious and does not harm the baby or cause any discomfort, it is necessary to manage and cure it well so that it does not take any nasty turn.

Regularly applying coconut oil on the baby scalp will help to cure cradle cap.

Daily Cradle Cap Prevention:

  1. Massage gently with coconut oil onto baby’s scalp and leave it for about 15-20 minutes before performing shampoo
  2. Daily bath and shampoo their scalp
  3. Help them shedding of the dry and scaly skin
  4. Gently brush cradle cap from baby’s head with a soft toothed comb
  5. Ensure that your baby is not having difficulty in adjusting to their environment and not dealing with hormonal imbalance

Coconut oil helps to loosen the scales and flakes. Its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal actions make them easier to remove as it addresses the root cause rather than just treating the symptom.



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