Stretch Marks

Long and thick lines crop up when the body is emerging either in height or width, as the collagen production is stopped at this time. The cause of stretch marks can be many: pregnancy, weight gain, rapid weight loss, in teenage years and even hereditary. It’s common when pregnant woman gains weight and at this time collagen production slows down and leads to the stretching of the skin that begins to wrinkle and fold.

Coconut oil is a natural remedy that reduces the appearance of stretch marks, better than any stretch mark cream.

Best reasons to use coconut oil, remedy for stretch marks

  1. It has incalculable moisturizing properties.
  2. It gets engrossed deep into the skin
  3. It contains many antioxidants that conflict with free radicals
  4. It can nourish the damaged skin
  5. There is no harmful or discomforting side effect

Method to use coconut oil for stretch marks:

  1. Place some coconut oil in your hand. If it is in solid form then rub your hands to warm it up and turn it into liquid.
  2. Give a proper massage to the scarred area as it increases the flow of blood and the healing process gets started faster.
  3. Now experience a soft and supple skin after this treatment. It will get better after every time you complete the whole process.

The best part of using coconut oil for this process is its absorbing capability. You will never have to deal with the greasy feel on the applied area as it gets completely absorbed into the skin and works wonders to fade off the stretch marks.

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